How to Use

iPhone User

* InnoCaption App runs with iOS 5.0.1 or higher version.

* Important Note:

  -- InnoCaption requires Simultaneous Voice & Data through your mobile network provider on your smartphone.

  -- To receive this service, make sure your smartphone supports simultaneous voice and data on your mobile network carrier.

  -- Ask your mobile service provider.

  -- Our team is here to help with any questions at:

* InnoCaption App must always be multitasking for the caption service. (ex. If the iPhone is powered off and on again or if all the multitasking applications are terminated, the user must run the InnoCaption App one time manually for incoming calls to work with the caption service. User can check the multitasking status by clicking the 'Home' button twice.)

Steps to get and start using the InnoCaption Service

  1. Register for InnoCaption service. Your free caption phone number will be sent to your email.
  2. Download and install the free InnoCaption App from the LINK texted to your iPhone after Registration.
  3. Confirm your own caption phone number after registering for the InnoCaption service.
  4. Give the new caption phone number to your family/friends/colleagues for incoming calls.
  5. Start to make/receive calls with captioning through the InnoCaption App.
  6. Download iPhone How-To-Use Guide and Review It