It was mid-April of 2020 when Joe Duarte, Co-CEO of InnoCaption, proposed a new challenge for the product development team during a Monday meeting. Joe wanted the team to expedite the development of a mirrored captioning solution so that InnoCaption users could read phone captions on their large computer monitor screens instead of relying solely on their small handheld devices.

At the time, the US had just started grappling with the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and the volume of phone and video calls started increasing dramatically. Designing a desktop captioning solution became absolutely critical overnight for InnoCaption to fully meet accessibility needs of our app users. As someone who grew up with profound hearing loss, Joe once again took on the role of staunch advocate for the entire InnoCaption user community.  

Countless late-night coffees later, the InnoCaption team is proud to announce the launch of our latest feature – DeskView. 

This new feature allows you to make calls from your cell phone and see the same captions mirrored on your desktop or laptop computer screen simultaneously. Meaning InnoCaption users no longer need to glance back and forth between two screens when dialed into video calls. As our world continues to transform and become more virtual in nature, DeskView’s capabilities are designed to better enrich our user’s day-to-date activities.

Conference Calls
Using DeskView, users can now make work calls with greater convenience and ease. With a fixed screen where you can read the captions, users no longer have to hold on to their cell phones throughout long calls, allowing more fluid and productive communication with colleagues.  

More recently, we received a lot of feedback from users saying that they have found InnoCaption to be critical for healthcare and emergency needs, especially given the ongoing impact from COVID-19. As telehealth appointments grow in popularity, DeskView will provide users even better access to healthcare providers by helping facilitate video conference telehealth appointments. 

Low Vision Accessible
The DeskView portal allows you to customize the caption screen color and display text in an extra large font for easy viewing. By allowing our users to access the captions from a computer screen and give them more control over the font size, DeskView makes InnoCaption accessible to many in the low vision deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and want to try InnoCaption’s phone captioning service, register on our website today. Then download the InnoCaption app from the Play Store or App Store to get started. If you have any questions or need help getting started, please reach out to our support team by emailing at any time!