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InnoCaption needs skilled real-time writers.

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InnoCaption is the first app to utilize the skills and expertise of stenographers to provide captioning of phone calls to the deaf and hard of hearing community. We are growing fast and looking for qualified stenographers to caption for our platform!

  • Make a real difference in peoples’ lives
  • No pages ever
  • No prep ever
  • Set your own schedule
  • Work from home
  • InnoCaption works with standard CAT software (Case Catalyst, Eclipse, ProCAT, DigitalCAT, StenoCAT) and no captioning upgrade or telephone lines are needed

If you are a realtime writer with a dictionary that supports varied topics, we would love to hear from you. Captioners are independent contractors and must pass in-house testing and meet certain requirements regarding speed and dictionary size for regulatory purposes.

To hear about the personal experience of one of our real-time captioners, read our blog post here.

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I am graduate of ACI, and I’ve been providing CART full time since 2016 (both projected and one-on-one captions). I’ve captioned town hall meetings, workplace CART, several college and university courses, conferences, and summits.

InnoCaption is consistent and provides wonderful flexibility in hours, I submit my availability to accommodate my other jobs. I don’t need an encoder or traditional telephone line like I would with television captions. The only thing required is a good Internet connection, and no other costs are incurred like with other remote CART jobs. Connecting to the InnoCaption software is super easy. There is no prep time/work and no rough transcripts to send out. There is no chasing after POs to get paid, no waiting for checks, pay has never not been on time. My IC experience has been wonderful.


I am a Realtime CART Captioner, and I have been with InnoCaption since 2017. Working at InnoCaption as a CA has been such a blessing in my life. As a freelance Realtime CART Captioner, paychecks can sometimes be very unpredictable. InnoCaption allows for a steady paycheck and that helps out more than I can say. It is also great because of the flexibility as CAs can choose their own hours. Lastly, InnoCaption is a truly revolutionary service that helps those in need. We caption everything from meetings, personal phone calls, therapy sessions, and even book clubs! It is truly life-changing and an amazing place to work. I cannot say enough great things about it!


I have been a certified court reporter for over 30 years and have worked with InnoCaption for several years now. It’s been a rewarding and fulfilling experience. It’s an honor to be able to provide real-time captioning to the hard-of-hearing community. I love feeling like I’m doing something to help people. I also love the flexible scheduling and being able to work from home!


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