Important Information For Employers About InnoCaption

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Why Recommend InnoCaption for Employees?

InnoCaption provides easy, fast and accurate real-time captioning to your deaf and hard of hearing employees, giving them the tools they need to excel in the workplace. When you recommend InnoCaption, it gives your employees a critical tool to help them do their jobs and conduct phone calls in confidence. Whether your employees require captioning for calls in the office, on the road or while working remote, InnoCaption’s service is a game changer at work for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Request Resources

Reach out to the InnoCaption team today if you have any questions about our service or would like to schedule a webinar introduction for your deaf and hard of hearing employees. If you like to test our service on behalf of deaf or hard of hearing employees, we are happy to set up a demo account for you. Click here for instructions on how to request a demo account.