Calling 911

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calling 911

When you dial 911 using the InnoCaption app, your call is prioritized over other callers using InnoCaption. Your call will be connected to the InnoCaption Emergency Call Center (ECRC) first, and then routed to an appropriate Public Service Answering Point (PSAP). The operator will ask for your name, location (street address, city, state) and callback number (InnoCaption number) to provide to the 911 center in case the call is dropped.

*911 Calling Advisory: Calling 911 from a landline remains the most reliable method of reaching emergency response personnel.

Friendly Reminder

Please remember, the time to test out the InnoCaption app for the first time is NOT when you need to call 911. Be sure everything works ahead of time. If you have any problems at all, contact our customer support team by emailing

If you have any inquiries as to how we handle 911 Calls please reach out to our Director of Regulatory Affairs at

What you need for 911 calling:

Data Network Connection: When dialing a 911 call, your phone must be connected to a data network (LTE/5G cellular data network or WiFi). If there is no cellular data signal or WiFi connection, please move to find a better signal location or call 911 from a landline telephone or use the standard cell phone dialer.

Location Services: Your mobile device’s Location Services setting must be enabled. Otherwise, the app will not work. You can test your connectivity to 911 services by dialing 9999 from your InnoCaption app.