Getting Started

Find out how to set up and use InnoCaption.

Here’s how to get started with InnoCaption:

Your New InnoCaption Phone Number


After you register an account, you will receive a welcome email that contains your new InnoCaption phone number. Your InnoCaption phone number does not replace your existing cell phone number. This new number is used solely by InnoCaption and any outgoing and incoming calls made through this number will be captioned on the app.

Helpful Tip

If you forget this number at any time, you can easily find it again by opening your InnoCaption app and going to ‘Settings’.

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Receiving Inbound Phone Calls


The InnoCaption app will only pickup and caption incoming calls to your new InnoCaption phone number. Therefore, if you wish to have inbound calls captioned you will need to do one of the following:

(1) provide your new InnoCaption number to anyone who wants to call you, or

(2) if you need captions on all of your calls, have inbound calls to your existing number automatically forwarded to the InnoCaption number.

Once you set up call forwarding, the InnoCaption app will pick up all incoming calls to your existing cellphone number and caption them. Inbound call forwarding is a feature offered by most wireless carriers and instructions depend on your specific carrier and device. Please click here for further information on how to set this up.

Helpful Tip

By setting up inbound call forwarding and setting the Caller ID to your existing cell number, you can seamlessly have all of your calls captioned through the InnoCaption app – there’s no need to give out your new InnoCaption number to any contacts!

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View Past Call Transcripts


Past call transcripts are automatically saved on your device and can be easily accessed by loading the InnoCaption app and going to ‘Recents’. There, you will see a list of past calls made through the app and on the right side of each call there is a document icon that you can tap to view the call transcript. You also have the option to email call transcripts to yourself for safe keeping.

Helpful Tip

Please note that to ensure your privacy, call transcripts are not stored on InnoCaption servers. If you delete the InnoCaption app or plan to change devices, please be sure to use the Call Log Backup feature under ‘Settings’ so that you can restore your transcripts at a later time. The InnoCaption app also deletes old transcripts to make room for newer calls. If there is an important transcript you would like to retain, we recommend emailing it to yourself and saving a separate copy.

Desktop Caption Streaming


You can see the captions on your phone displayed simultaneously on a desktop computer by accessing our DeskView web streaming portal. This feature is great for users dialing into video conference call lines or those who prefer to see larger captions on a monitor instead of on a phone.

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Making Outbound Phone Calls


The InnoCaption app works just like your phone’s regular dialer. Simply click on the InnoCaption app from your smartphone and use the keypad to dial the number you wish to call. Once the call connects, whatever the other person on the line says will be captioned on the screen.

When you first load the InnoCaption app you will be prompted to sync the app with your phone’s existing contact list. This enables you to easily select and dial saved numbers by pressing the ‘Contacts’ button at the bottom of the InnoCaption app. Don’t worry, this is a local device permission which means no one at InnoCaption can see your contact list, only you.

Helpful Tip

Please note that when you make a call from the InnoCaption app, the recipient of the call will see your InnoCaption number displayed on the Caller ID of their phone. If you would like call recipients to see your existing cell number instead, load the InnoCaption app and go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘My Caller ID’ and select ‘My Cell Number’. This way call recipients that have saved your cell number will know you are calling. You only need to make this setting adjustment once.

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Selecting Caption Modes


InnoCaption offers live captioning through highly skilled stenographers. Our stenographers come with years of training and work hard to ensure you don’t miss any important information in your calls. If you prefer not to have a live assistant on your call, we also provide the option for captioning through best-in-class automated speech recognition software. InnoCaption puts you in control, allowing you to choose between these two different methods of captioning depending on your accessibility needs and the nature of your call. You can select between stenographer (CA) or automated speech recognition (ASR) captioning by tapping on the caption mode button on the top right of the ‘Keypad’ screen when making a call. You can also switch between caption modes during a call using the same button.

Helpful Tip

If your captioning preference is CA, we recommend keeping your phone set to the default ‘CA Priority’ option. This will ensure that even if all CA’s are busy, your call will still go through.

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Setting Up Voicemail


Your new InnoCaption number comes with a voicemail service with the ability to listen to, save or delete messages. The greeting can be customized and any voice messages you access will also be captioned. To access the voicemail service and listen to messages, press and hold ‘#’ on the InnoCaption keypad and follow the prompts.