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InnoCaption is simple to use, but powered by advanced technology.

Stenographers or Automated Speech Recognition for Captioning

You Choose.



Our stenographers are highly trained professionals with years of training and specialized equipment. Unlike speech recognition software, our stenographers bring human understanding to our captions and work hard to ensure you don’t miss any important information in your calls. Our stenographers are also able to provide captioning of non-verbal sounds on the call, for example if someone is laughing.



If you prefer not to have a live assistant on your call, we also provide the option for captioning through best-in-class automated speech recognition (ASR) technology. InnoCaption puts you in control, allowing you to choose between these two different methods of captioning depending on your accessibility needs and the nature of your call. ASR caption mode supports Spanish captioning in addition to English.

How it Works


Your call transcripts are kept strictly private and confidential. Our stenographers are highly trained, professional captioners that go through strict compliance measures to protect your privacy and all transcripts are deleted from captioner devices. Our captioners are only able to listen to and transcribe one side of the conversation and do not hear what is said by the InnoCaption user. The exception to this is during conference calls when the captioner can hear all parties on the line. In addition, call transcripts are not saved or archived on InnoCaption servers and our team does not have the ability to access transcripts that are saved on a user’s device. For users that choose to have our ASR engine caption their calls, no call audio is logged for machine learning or any other purpose. Our privacy and compliance procedures are regulated and audited by the FCC

App Features

Dual Caption Modes

Personal Number

After registering an account, you will receive a personal InnoCaption number that can be used for inbound and outbound captioned calls. No need to call into a relay center.

Language Support

Spam Call Filter

Built-in spam call filter automatically blocks high risk spam calls to your InnoCaption number and provides warnings for medium to low risk calls.

Dual Caption Modes


See the captions on your phone mirrored on a desktop computer by accessing our web streaming portal. Great if you prefer to see captions on a larger screen or for dialing into video conference calls. Click here to learn more.

Language Support

Forward Call Audio

View captions on your cell phone while forwarding the call audio to another device, such as your home or office landline phone.

Dual Caption Modes

Caller ID

You can select your own cell phone number for outbound Caller ID so that people will know you are calling when you make outbound calls through InnoCaption. You can also block your number from being shown.

Language Support

Call Forwarding

If you need all of your phone calls captioned, set up call forwarding with your wireless provider to have calls to your existing phone forwarded to your InnoCaption number. This means you don’t need to give out any new phone numbers to your contacts.

Dual Caption Modes

Save Call Transcripts

Review the transcript for every call you make or receive after hanging up. You can easily lock important transcripts, email them to yourself or permanently delete them, all from the app. Note that transcripts only show what was said by the other party on the line.

Language Support

Captioned Voicemail

Not able to answer a call? No problem! With InnoCaption, you will have access to your own voicemail box. Save or delete your voicemail messages by using the built-in keypad.

Dual Caption Modes

Customized Voicemail Greeting

Create your own voicemail greeting so people know they have reached the right person in case you are not able to answer a call.

Language Support

Speed Dial

Press and hold a single number key on the dialpad to quickly call your most frequent contacts.

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